Black Friday or Blessings?

A couple of years ago, my sweet husband got quite the perspective on what we crazy Americans call "Black Friday," so I wrote a blog and actually used it as a short story in my book, Standing Courageous.

In honor of that crazy day, I thought I'd share the blog with you here.  It may make you chuckle, but hopefully, it will get us all refocused on what's really important - being thankful for what God has given us.

God bless and may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Perspective on Black Friday

Sometimes I think we take certain things for granted, like our safety.  Especially, after the doors open for those early Black Friday sales.  Maybe we need to have a different perspective of the whole event.

Last Thursday night after the turkey had all been eaten, and the pumpkin pie put away, our local Wal-Mart opened their doors for those few choice, drastically discounted, only-have-four-of-them items.  Needless to say, a fight broke out between several women over a $10 video game; one woman getting knee'd in the face, and punches thrown.

My husband, checking up on probation clients at the time, not only heard the call, but another 911 for officers to respond to a man shooting willy nilly out his trailer windows. 

Now get the picture:  it was a cold night somewhere in the thirty degree range.  At one end of town, women were in a brawl over holiday sale items, while at the opposite end, a man decided to fire off a few rounds at neighboring trailers.  Of course, all sensible people were pleasantly snuggled down in bed for a long winter's nap, not giving a second thought to all the holiday cheer taking place at that moment.  Why, I'd venture to say that officers having to babysit unruly citizens never even crossed their thoughts.  

Thankfully, once all officers on duty - local and county-wide, were dispatched to both incidents, the situations resolved themselves semi-peacefully. 

Wonder what happened to the brawling women?  Last I heard from two of my crazy teenagers who just happened to have a ring-side seat at the Wally World bargain bonanza,  one of the dear ladies was standing in the check-out lane gloating about her big win.  Hmph!

And what about the trigger happy, lone ranger?  I don't know.  Probably spent the night in the poky to sleep off the last of his holiday cheer. 

I did have to chuckle to myself when my officer husband put it all in perspective..."I was much happier to be laying on the cold ground in the freezing temperatures with some guy shooting at me, than to be in that Wal-Mart mess."  

Hmmm.  It's a bad thing when a cop would rather get shot at than to deal with hormonal holiday shoppers. 

What happened to the Kodak moments?  Where's the happy family all gathered around the golden, brown turkey while the patriarch - donned in his argyle sweater, prays over the feast, then picks up his shiny utensils to carve the beast?  

What happened to thankful hearts for the blessings God has provided?  And why would we rather trample a sister underfoot for a $10 video game instead of serve a brother in need? 

Well, friends, I guess we may never know.   Perhaps we need to re-think this whole holiday thingAlas, I guess it is what it is....just another day in the life of a cop and another holiday celebrating the "gets" and not the "Giver."

As for me and my house, we'll be thanking Him for our many blessings and leaving "Black Friday" to all the rest.