Called To It? He Will See You Through It.

Has God ever asked you to do something you felt completely incapable of?  Perhaps He's opened up a new opportunity for you at work, or in a ministry you've just discovered, but you feel under qualified.

Over the years, I have felt called to, and have prayed for opportunities to speak to women across the nation about God, and though it may not have always been on my timetable or in my way, frankly, He has not disappointed.  Though the target audiences have been tweaked over time...mainly from groups of Christian women to groups of police wives or other law enforcement personnel, the message has always stayed the same - Christ and Him alone.  Now, other larger doors are beginning to show signs of opening, something I often felt was just out of my reach...and perhaps it was, but never out of God's. 

In about 2 1/2 weeks, I will be traveling to the great State of Tennessee to speak at a first-ever, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers supported Police Wives Conference.  I am completely stoked, yet at the same time wrestle with thoughts of doubt in my capabilities and credentials.  That is, until God steps in and reminds me that it is all about Him, just as He did this morning.

Getting ready for work, I had just finished putting on the finishing touches to my hair and makeup when the radio station I listen to began with their morning devotional that went something like this:

"Why would God ask a stutterer to speak for Him? 'Moses raised another objection to God: 'I don't talk well. I stutter and stammer.' God said, 'And who do you think made your mouth? Isn't it I, God? Get going. I'll be right there with you.' Exodus 4:10-12." 

Well, I do have to admit He got my attention.  I mean, could God have said it any louder? GET GOING.  I WILL BE WITH YOU!    

So what is He calling you to do?  Have you drug your feet or simply dug in your heels for fear of failure or cost?

Moses tried arguing with God and it did nothing more than try God's patience and stall the imminent.  There was a job for Moses to do and Moses would do the job.  He had been chosen for an important task and God would provide the ability.

Whatever it is that you are wrestling with today, go ahead and lay it down before Him.  If He's called you to it, He will see you through it!