The Night Before Roll Call

*Just a little poem I wrote a while back.  Helps put things into perspective.  Blessings!

The night before roll call, I uttered not a word;
but went straight for the laundry feeling awfully perturbed.
He needed his pants, his shirt and his tie,
“Are they in the basket?” I said with a sigh.
“I think there on bottom,” he mumbled to himself,
“Or maybe in the bathroom still wadded up on the shelf.”
I ran to the bathroom with fit to be tied,
when all of sudden I gasped and then sighed.
The site of his gun brought thoughts to mind,
of danger and duty, of brotherhood and kind.
I stood straight and tall, not whining a bit,
as I thought of my man with strong mind and quick wit.
His eyes oh how caring,
His hands strong for the task,
“Lord, bring him home safe
if it’s not too much to ask.”
As I collected my thoughts and was turning around,
my man stood there looking thoughtfully at the ground.
“I know you worry, and I try not to share
all the bad things that happen to me everywhere.
It’s tough and it’s hard, but it’s what I do.
I promise I'll try to come home safe to you.”
As I wiped away the tear on my cheek,
I was no longer bothered by the laundry from the week.
I had bigger things to think about,
many more tasks in my life to do,
several hundred prayers to offer for the one I love in blue.