National Peace Officer's Appreciation Week - A Recap with a Heavenly Perspective

Last weekend, Rick and I were blessed to be a part of Indiana's 19th annual National Peace Officer's Appreciation Week, which this year included the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officer's National Conference.  Wow!  What a blessing!

With all the great speakers, break-out sessions, meals and sightseeing, what I really want to focus on is the last day...a kind of end-all celebration.

Across five farms, a plethora of activities for both young and old unfolded like a great blanket.  From the initial hay wagon ride to the main staging area, right down to the beautiful array of gift baskets for each family attending, there was no shortage of detail.   

Jim Bontrager, Sr. Chaplain, Elkhart Police Department, left no stone unturned when it came to planning this event.  There was all the food you could eat for FREE! Which is an awesome blessing to a family on a cop's budget... 

Shooting opportunities, and yes, the husband did participate!

Rock wall climbing, obstacle courses, fishing tournaments, bows and arrows for the kids, bounce houses, and of course zip lining, which I had to try.  :)  Might I was amazing!

 But I believe the best thing of all, was that it was all free.  No gimmicks.  No empty promises.  No false pretense.  Nothing I could have done to deserve such a wonderful day.  It was put together and given as a gift...a show of love and support for some weary travelers.

I guess if you think about it, it's a lot like the free gift God offers to each of us - an eternity spent with Him enjoying all the wonderful things He has created.  All we have to do is accept His offer.

I want to encourage you today to do two things.  First, embrace the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior and enjoy all the wonderful things He planned out for you before the beginning of time.  Second, for all you law enforcement families, attend this event!!  It was well worth the drive.

Refreshed and fired up,


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