Sacrifice: What Does It Really Cost Us?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

If I'm not careful, I can find myself grumbling and complaining about things I have to do for others.  Whether it be cleaning up dirty dishes, washing stinky uniforms and socks, or listening to the same story for the umpteenth time by an elderly parent, I can allow myself to begin to resent instead of appreciating the opportunities to serve.  Let me explain...

I am a wife...a mom...a Mimi...a daughter...friend...spokesperson...writer...Women's Ministry Director...employee...etc., etc.  With all those hats, it seems that there are days that everyone and their second brother's cousin needs something from me.  "For Pete's sake!", I think to myself, "When is it going to be ME time?" 

Sigh.  It's at those moments, however, that I hear that still-small voice whisper, "It's not about you and your's about me and sacrifice for those you love and care about."  Aargh!

So with that, I trudge on my way urging myself to re-focus and find the blessings in the daily routine.  As I begin to change my perspective, God begins to illuminate these little sacrifices as God-gems - experiences and memories that help me become more like Christ and less focused on self.

As we approach this Easter season, I think of the greatest and most selfless sacrifice there ever was.  God, enthroned in glory....high and lifted up and seated in the heavenly realms, offered up His one and only Son, Jesus, on mankind's behalf, to suffer and die on a cross - a tool of death fashioned to fit the punishment of criminals.

This Jesus bore upon Himself, the sins of the world...yours and mine, and through His agonizing death, paved the way for us to find complete forgiveness for our sins and have eternal life with Him.

What if He would have count the cost and found it too severe?  What if He had selfishly refused to die in our place?  What if He had put His own agenda before our eternal security?  What if He had thought to Himself, "These people are undeserving.  Look at how they've treated me when all I've done is love?"  What if...

Thinking on these things put it all back into perspective.  God did these things because of love...PERFECT love.  Personally, I owe everything to Him.  As an old song says, "Without Him I would be nothing.  Without Him I'd surely fail.  Without Him I would be drifting, like a ship without a sail."

This Easter (and every day for that matter) look for those God-gems as you serve others, and remember what He did for you.  Bottom line is, what does it really cost you and I anyway?

It cost Him everything!

Happy Easter!


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