7 Ways to Keep Your Sanity in the Midst of a Crisis

"This world has gone crazy!"

I've said that more than once lately, and I'm not kidding.  If you doubt it, go to your local Walmart on a Friday night, watch the evening news, or talk to a police officer.  I assure you, my statement will ring true.

Regardless of what I say, though, there may be a time in your life when you enter crisis mode, feeling as if you are doing well just to keep your head above water.

Whatever the circumstance - financial, relational, emotional, work or health related, or due to some unforeseen situation completely beyond your control (which a number of them are), these roller coasters of  sheer chaos can bring even the most level headed, temperate individual to the end of their rope.

Below, I've listed seven ways to keep your sanity, even when things seem to have gone from 0 to 10 in the crazy department.  Let's take a look...

1.  Pray or meditate for at least 30 minutes a day.  My prayer time is THE most important part of my day.  If I don't have it...EVERYONE will know.  This is my moment in the "Son."  My "armor up, fill me full, plug me into the Power Source" time.  Without it I guarantee you that my words will not be as kind, my responses not as God-focused, nor my patience plentiful.  Trust me...we all need this.

2.  Remove yourself from the situation momentarily.  This means take a walk, a hot shower, go for a drive, whatever it takes to physically check out for a moment.  If this is not possible, then sit back in your chair with your head back and eyes closed.  Put on some tunes and let yourself relax if even for a moment.  (That is until someone interrupts your moment, then you may need to refer back to number 1.)

3.  Get adequate rest.  That's a crazy statement for those living upside down lives like police officers or other first responders, but it's still a goal to set.  For the rest of us, try to get to bed on time and get the recommended hours. Stress can definitely get the best of you if your body is not fully rested, so get those Zzzzz's.

4.  Find a trusted source whom you can talk with.  We may think we are strong enough to handle it, so we keep stuffing it down.  Unfortunately, all that junk we shove deep inside will eventually express itself in some not-so-nice ways.  It is critical that you and I find someone in whom to confide in.  Ideally, that person is your spouse, but a trusted counselor, pastor, or friend can also help. 

5.  Learn something in the midst of your fears.  Are you facing the probability of being a single parent?  Then find some great resources about single parenting - what works, what doesn't, how to survive.  Have you been diagnosed with a disease?  Check out books and Internet articles of success stories related to your condition, and put their wisdom into practice.  Have you lost employment?  Begin brainstorming about alternative careers.  This very well could be the time to re-invent yourself.  See your situation in the positive, not the negative.

6.  Find a way to have fun.  Moments of crisis can leave you feeling drained.  Whether you want to or not, get out there and find ways to have fun.  Try things you never thought you could do.  Step out of your comfort zone and take on some adventures.  Who knows, you may discover something about yourself in the process.

7.  Just keep swimming.  Sometimes that's all you or I can do - take it one day at a time.  Look for the positive things even in the midst of the negative.  God always places a silver lining, but we sometimes have to look real hard for it.  Eventually, the crisis will pass and you will find yourself on the other side - probably a whole lot stronger. 

So there's the list.  I'm sure there are a whole host of other things, but these are ones I've put into practice in my own times of crisis. It's never easy, and can often get quite messy, but our moments of hardship do pass eventually and we do get through them one way or another.  In the meantime, however, it's good to step back and find ways to keep our sanity in tact.

For now, I think I'll work on number 3.  Good night all.