Prayers for Ferguson...Again!

*I wrote this blog at 7:00 AM this morning.  I have since had time to reflect, pray and be at peace.  I hope you have as well.

I roll over in bed trying to open my eyes enough to realize it's time to get up.  The chilly air blows through my window which makes me snuggle down deeper.  I hear the heavy footsteps of my officer walking to and fro through our kitchen as he makes his coffee in preparation for this, another day.

As he nears the front door, I jump out of bed so I can catch him before he walks out to who knows what...."I love you.  Be safe!"

This is a scene that replays over and over again like the twilight zone, but this day he utters the dreaded words, "Two officers were shot last night...Ferguson."


When is this going to stop?  Why is there such an evil foothold on this town?  Why is life so unimportant?  How come there is so much hate?

These are questions that fill my mind as my blood pressure begins to rise.  I AM MAD!!

We had just heard yesterday that Chief Jackson of Ferguson had resigned.  The poor man never really had a chance.  After the shooting last August, the government both federal and state had turned on him as well as the media, yet I remember the day we (Badge of Hope) met and prayed with him...his eyes became misty at his eagerness for any type of reassurance.

Now this.  A town with its scars that cannot heal.  For whatever reason, this individual, whomever he is, decided to add more misery to an already festering wound.  Well played.  You fell right into the hands of the devil and he tricked you into thinking this would somehow make you feel better...somehow justify any injustice you may have felt.  Well it didn't, did it?

And now the circus begins again.  We will probably be graced with the ungodly presence of Al Sharpton or a number of other Washington yahoos somehow twisting this into a racial/bad cop issue linking it back to the August events.  Their words will be shallow and full of condescending rhetoric.  It will stir up more anger...more division...and more hurt.  "Black lives matter," they will shout, but what they fail to realize is that in just six days, the beginning of March, we lost four black officers in the line-of-duty - three of which were by gunfire.  ALL lives matter.  I'm sure their families would all agree with me.
Cops will go on and do their job like always.  Little robots who many believe do not think, feel or have lives outside of the badge.   And then, just like that, they will again be forgotten.  Yet, thankfully, we care for our own, and we will not forget the ones left dealing with physical wounds and more importantly, psychological ones.

As for me, after my anger subsides and I can sit quietly and reflect, I will again turn to the only One who can heal....the only Author of forgiveness....the True Deliverer who restores my hope and brings peace within my soul - Jesus.

As a nation, we can bicker and fight, we can point fingers and blame, we can hurl insults and shoot to kill, but in the end, it only matters what decision we made in this life, Who we chose to follow, and where we find our peace.  As Joshua, a great hero of old once said, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Prayers for these officers.  May they heal quickly both body and spirit.

Prayers for Ferguson.  May it somehow turn itself around finding peace, civility and purpose.

Prayers for this nation.  May we repent and return to our first love.

Heaven help us.