We Shall Conquer!!....and Eat Ice Cream

This is me.  As you can see, I'd rather eat ice cream or french fries, or really anything, other than exert too much of my stored energy. To clarify, I do go to the gym, but I assure you that exercise is my least favorite thing.

Despite all that, this Saturday morning in unprecedented fashion, Rick, myself, and a number of others will scale lofty heights...conquer harrowing mountain passes...scale rock-laden pathways, all in the name of charity...as well as for the ice cream I've been promised afterward.

We will be heading down to tackle Tom Sauk Mountain - the highest point of elevation in Missouri.  Each year and in every state, law enforcement and lay people make the climb to honor fallen officers and help raise awareness and monies for the families left behind.  Find out more here: http://www.copsontop.com/

So, after much smack talk, I...will...climb!  Prayers appreciated. :)

 Be sure to check back later this weekend for pictures of our adventures and especially the ice cream!



P.S.  Have you ordered your copy yet of Under Fire: Marriage Through the Eyes of a Cop's Wife?  If not, why not?  Marriage is worth the fight and this book is worth the read. ;)  See you round the mountain!