Foolish Decisions Often Mean Tragic Results

"Hezekiah received the envoys and showed them all that was in his storehouses--the silver, the gold, the spices and the fine olive oil--his armory and everything found among his treasures. There was nothing in his palace or in all his kingdom that Hezekiah did not show them." 2 Kings 20:13

Okay, so you are probably thinking, "What does this passage of scripture have to do with me?"

Over the past week, the world has been glued to continuing news reports of the terrorist activities in Paris, along with the "ever-so-wise" decision (insert sarcastic tone) to extend an open invitation to thousands of Syrian refugees within this nation.

Just like you, I have been watching...and listening...and praying, that somehow God will intervene and stop this madness, but yet, whether He chooses to step in at this time or allow sinful men (and women) to make decisions that affect all of us, I have been clearly reminded of the above story, that poses some eerily similar circumstances with devastating results.

King Hezekiah was king over Judah, and he reigned in Jerusalem for 29 years. And, within that time period, he made less than intelligent decisions that cost himself and the people within his kingdom, a dear price to pay.

As we read in verse 13, after messengers from Babylon came to Hezekiah under the guise of bringing well wishes (because of Hezekiah's illness) from the Babylonian King's son, King Hezekiah in return of their "kindness and generosity" opened up the treasury of the kingdom and showed them everything the people had in their possession - silver, gold, spices and fine oil, his armory, etc. "There was nothing in his palace or in all his kingdom that Hezekiah did not show them."

Do you see a pattern here?

Babylon was not a friend. They did not come on friendly terms. They came as a Trojan horse, scoping out a land and a people that their bloodthirsty mentality desired to overtake, and lucky for them, Hezekiah played right into their hands.

Just as if a flood wall had been breached, the King unknowingly let his guard down and exposed not only himself, but his kingdom to the enemy.

As soon as the men had left the palace, most assuredly grinning from ear to ear over their fortune by way of Hezekiah's foolishness, Isaiah the prophet declared these words to the King:

"Hear the word of the LORD: The time will surely come when everything in your palace, and all that your fathers have stored up until this day, will be carried of to Babylon. Nothing will be left, says the LORD, And some of your descendants, your own flesh and blood, that will be born to you, will be taken away, and they will become eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon." vs. 16-18 happened just as Isaiah foretold. Babylon invaded Jerusalem and carried off its plunder along with many of its inhabitants.

I say all of this not to foretell of America's future, for that only belongs in the wisdom and will of God Almighty. However, I do believe that foolish decisions whether on a national level or a personal level, can definitely usher in an enemy stronghold.

We as Christians must stand firm in our faith. We must continuously seek God's wisdom and discernment through prayer and Bible study, and we must be ever vigilant, for the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, often doing so cleverly disguised in sheep's clothing.

As far as our nation is concerned, the Bible is clear about end times events. Things are playing out quickly and accurately. We, I believe, are close to the midnight hour. Our Savior could return at any time, and that means we must be ready.

With that said, keep praying. Keep standing. Keep sharing Christ with others. And finally, don't lose faith. God will not abandon us. Even in Hezekiah's day, God was faithful to those who kept their eyes on Him.

No matter what the future holds, we can rest assured WHO holds the future.