America...Home of the Immature and the Depraved

I hate to beat a dead horse, but...

Like many of you, my Facebook and Twitter accounts have been inundated with news feeds, comments and stories about the latest antics of classless America.  Let's just face it, stunts of immaturity and degradation sell, and it's all about the money, right?

Against liberal wishes, and along with their extreme attempts to disrupt and malign the constitutional system, our next President, whether some like it or not, voted for him or not, will be President-Elect Donald Trump. 

It doesn't matter how much whining, complaining, rioting or fit-pitching any of us do, it's whom the majority chose, and whom I believe God chose, as the Bible clearly reminds us..."He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others." Daniel 2:21

Yet, here we are almost two weeks later, still arguing about it and displaying our immaturity to the world.  College students, once looked upon as our future, crying themselves into a stupor (whether real emotion or put on), a wedding party giving the Trump Tower the finger (classless), Trump Tower tenants petitioning the Trump name to be taken off...seriously?  It is his building, by the way.  Hillary giving an oh-so-pitiful speech with that worn, whoa-is-me look.  School children, who for whatever reason are being allowed to protest during school hours.  Protesters being paid to "protest". 

Four words...





First of all, this is absolutely orchestrated.  It is well-thought out and planned.  There are big money backers who are concerned that their days of corruption are numbered.

Second, in all honesty, the division, though real, is not tied up in flesh and blood, but rather comes from something much more sinister, more powerful than any organized group or entity.

The Bible tells us that there are spiritual forces working against anything good within the world.  The enemy is rearing his ugly head because he knows his plans are being "trumped" by Someone much greater - the Lord, Jesus.

Multitudes of prayers have been uttered for months.  Large numbers of Christians have been on their knees praying for God to spare and restore America.

Whether Trump is another Mother Theresa or not, I believe he is God's anointed at this time.  It is very dangerous, not to mention unintelligent, to fight against the Lord.  He will win.  His plans will prevail.   He will not be mocked.

Therefore, it is time to put on our grown up pants and funnel our extra energy, aggression and money where it counts - helping others, creating jobs, saving lives, doing good things for humanity.

Hatred, bickering, crying, whining, etc. will only get us so far...down the tubes. 

So, America, stand up, speak up and buck up.  Let's get on with the positives.  We owe it to the next generation.