It's Good Friday, But Sunday's Coming!!

Today is Good Friday. Do you know what that means? Why is it called "Good" when so much bad took place?

As I walked out of the house this morning, amidst the hustle and bustle of a number of individuals going different directions - to work, shopping, doctor's appointments, outside yard work, and family gatherings, I stopped quickly to remind whomever would listen to not forget the importance of this day.

So what is it? What's all the hub bub of the Easter holiday celebration anyway?

Today is Friday...Good Friday. The day that our Lord Jesus was illegally arrested in the wee hours of the morning. Taken before the high priest where he was grilled mercilessly without legal representation, slapped, accused, spit upon, then led off bound to the Roman Governor, Pilate.

Without Pilate able to find fault in the man, yet with widening hostility and shouts of "Crucify! Crucify!", Pilate offered an appeasement...Barabbas, a known, incarcerated criminal. Yet, to his dismay, the people....those who many of whom had waved palm branches at Jesus just days earlier, now screamed for blood....Jesus' blood!

To save face, Pilate turned Jesus over to be ghoulishly flogged. So brutal that many did not survive the process. Flesh ripped from his back and sides. Bone and torn muscle exposed. Blood pouring from every orifice. A crown of thorns was driven into his skull. Then, without concern, soldiers pushed him to carry his own cross to the place Golgotha, and was crucified and displayed for all to see.

Hung between two thieves, the perfect lamb of God, poured out His life's blood for you and for me. The condition of his body, and the position of the hanging weight of flesh on the cross, caused excruciating circumstance. Breath did not come easy. Pain immeasurable.

God looked away. It pained Him so to see His Son in such state. The day grew dark for three hours. Then, in a last cry of anguish, Jesus gave up His spirit. The earth shook violently. The curtain in the temple ripped in two. Some previously dead men/women came out of their graves.
Surely, this was the Son of God!!


Today, let us not forget the sacrifice made on our behalf. Because of love. Because of love.
Happy Good Friday, everyone! Sunday's coming!!!