A Call for Women to Wisen Up! YOU are Priceless!

Last Sunday was our 29th wedding anniversary, but since my husband was going to be out of town that day, we celebrated early on Saturday.

We had never been to an outdoor play at The Muny in St. Louis before, but the weather was great and it seemed like a good thing to do. So, we bought tickets to see a play called, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  Weird title, yet it sounded good.

The evening was perfect.  We had a nice dinner, then drove to our destination early so as to avoid the crowded rush.

Our seats were perfect...smack dab in the middle and in the shade, minus the guy two rows up whose head seemed to continually be in my way.  He did have a nice haircut, however. (Smirk)

It wasn't long and things got started.  I somehow knew it wasn't going to go well, however, when one of the very first things they did was thank the god of the theater - Dionysus, yet, I was willing to give them a chance to redeem themselves.

Well, knowing nothing about this particular play, I quickly became frustrated with the content that included a brothel, women dressed in scantily clad garb, a virgin programmed to immediately lay down and say "take me", etc. 

C'mon.  How is this comedy and why isn't anyone else upset by this other than me?

Needless to say, we left at intermission...not my idea, but thankful nonetheless.

So this draws me to my point: Women need to wisen up.  We are worth so much more than the labels this world places on us.

I was astounded by the number of women who were laughing at the derogatory display in this play, yet it happens every single day in all types of scenarios.  And, we just slough it off; look the other way; laugh with the best of them.

From  infancy all the way up into adulthood, women are molded and shaped by the world's agenda: You must be physically attractive...must be a certain size, height, weight, hair color, skin texture, etc. We are surrounded by the loudest voice which screams, sex sells.  Somehow, we've become a product and have even become accustomed to "using" it to our advantage.


Ladies, you and I are worth so much more than this.  It's time to step up and own who we have been created to be.

Our worth is not in our outward appearance, performance or the opinion of others.  God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made; that He has plans for you and me that no man can imagine; and we were bought with a price - an expensive, life-costing price, in order that you and I may experience the freedoms and fulfillment only He can give.

So, the next time you are at a movie, play, watching a television show, or happen to pick up a book which makes women out to be less than God's best, I encourage you to walk out, turn it off, throw it out, and speak up.

You are too priceless to be anything less!