My name is Kristi Neace and I have been following hard after Jesus for about 20 years.

Does that make me an expert on God things?  No way.  I'm still learning like everyone else.  But what I do know is that life is pretty much meaningless and uneventful without Him directing it.

From me you will not get a sugar-coated, sappy speech.  What you will get is a down-to-earth approach from a fellow sojourner who has had more bumps in the road that she can count.  

One of my favorite quotes is by John Mason which says, "You were born an original, don't die a copy."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a clone of everyone else and for me, that includes Christian speakers.  

I want to be me...Kristi Neace...who God created to be an original!  How about you?  Are you seeking to be the best YOU that God created?

Sweet friend, I would love to share this journey with you.  So pull up a chair, together, we can do this!

My Testimony...

 I was born into a Christian family - two awesome, loving parents and three older sisters.

Being the baby had its advantages, mainly because by the time I came along, my parents were just tired. (smile)

I was "saved" and baptized when I was seven, but I'm not sure I really knew what following Jesus meant.

As I grew into a teenager, I did teenager things - some good and some not so good.  Choices I made ended up with an unexpected pregnancy at eighteen, and marrying my high school sweetheart immediately after 12th grade. 

We were babies having babies.  

College and future plans were put on hold as we both worked and tried to hold everything together.  

My husband was a young police officer working crazy schedules and leaving me with our growing family to fend for ourselves.

Bitterness, loneliness, and a huge heaping of self-pity began my downward spiral.  I was miserable as a mom...as a wife...as a person.  God was an afterthought instead of a clear focal point.

There were times I felt as if I would be better off "not here".  But then...God!

At age 26, God stepped in and got my attention.  From that point of complete brokenness onward, I turned my life over to Him and have been on this crazy ride ever since.

In 2005 after spending several years of doing Women's Ministry within my home church and in the community in which I lived, God opened up an opportunity to be a part of a state women's ministry team, which I served until about 2010.

It was at that time (2010), that He then miraculously moved in ways I could not have imagined, opening up a nation-wide ministry to law enforcement called Badge of Hope.

Together, my husband and I have ministered to, encouraged, and spoke in front of literally thousands of law enforcement personnel and their spouses, but now the winds of change are coming once more.

Today, I feel a shift back to my roots of reaching and teaching women the truths of the Bible, for it is there that I found my saving grace and it is from there that my healing came.  And, I want that for others!

Kristi's Contact Information:

Kristi Neace
Email: neacekr@yahoo.com


 Me and my sweetie