Hey there!  My name is Kristi Neace...I'm a Speaker, Writer, Police Wife, Mom and Mimi.

I love Mexican food and dark chocolate. 

I love to use dots in my sentences, and I can be sassy at times. 

Right now my favorite colors are black and grey because they're classy and go with most everything.

I thrive when I'm speaking to crowds of people, but find it hard to talk one on one.  Weird, huh?

I'm an introvert.  Don't judge me.

I like to arrowhead hunt. 

I hate the color pink.  It makes me nauseous.

My handwriting is atrocious. 

I love shoes!

I love history and old things. 

That's about all I know to tell you.  Hope you find something I write entertaining. :)

Kristi's Contact Information:

Kristi Neace
Email: neacekr@yahoo.com


 Me and my sweetie