Kristi's Books

Bible Studies:
Layers: Living a Life Unhindered – A thought-provoking 5-week study with Kristi as she travels through the layers we so often place between us and God.
Between Friends: A Woman’s Look at Mentoring God’s WayAn easy 3-week study on mentoring, looking at examples from the Bible.

Unshakeable: Taming the Soul & Mind - A two week study which tackles two of the biggest areas where the enemy tries to trip us up. 

Law Enforcement Related:

Above the Fray: A 4-Week Bible Study for Those Special Ladies Married to the Badge - This study covers some of the most important stress factors in a police wife's life, and offers tools to help contain them.
Under Fire: Marriage through the Eyes of a Cop’s Wife – An in-depth covering of all the stress factors and “parasites” that can come at your marriage, plus creative ways to combat them.
Lives Behind the Badge – True stories from police wives intermingled with a devotion for all the emotions one will experience being married to the badge.
Standing Courageous – True stories from family members and friends displaying the human side of law enforcement.
Beyond the Blue – Fictional story about a one police wife’s journey through the tragic death of her husband and the peace that got her through.

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