Jesus is the Answer!

Here I go again, posting another blog from the heart.  Please bare with me.

This week has been a deadly week for law enforcement.  I've almost lost count, but I believe five were killed in the line of duty, and I know for certain of another who was killed shortly after leaving  work. Several of these were soon-to-be fathers; the latest only 23 years son's age.

Last week was the shooting in the theater.  Twelve innocent people were killed for no apparent reason.  Senseless.

Last night, a seventeen year old girl (my daughter's age) was sitting at a traffic light when she was suddenly hit broad side by a thirteen year old and her eleven year old brother who were fleeing from police.  The girl at the light was killed.  Tragic.

This week, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, expressed his stance on marriage and has been lambasted by those who disagree.  Ridiculous.

Our President...well, let's see...has made it clear that it is unnecessary for those on welfare to work, continues to make a mockery of this nation and it's cornerstone beliefs, refuses to support Jerusalem as Israel's capital, etc., etc., etc.

So, here it is in a nutshell...people need the Lord.  I don't say that lightly or jokingly, I say that with all the honesty I can muster. God is the only One who can change a heart and a nation. need to stand up and start acting like it.  If your home life, relationships, your mouth, your dress, and/or your actions are no different than the worlds, then how are those who don't know Him ever going to see the difference?

Friends...if you don't know the Lord personally, then I plead with you today to turn to Him.  You or I are not given the assurance of another day...another moment.

Sin began in the garden when Satan tempted Eve.  The perfect relationship between God and man was severed and needed to be restored, but the only way to restore it was if a perfect, sinless, person were to give His life for mankind.  Because of God's great love for us and His desire for us to spend eternity with Him, He became God in the flesh through the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was perfect and sinless even though He lived and walked this earth.  Those who didn't understand or accept His deity, accused, mocked, brutally flogged then killed our Savior upon the cross.  Not that He couldn't have stopped them, but He chose to be obedient and take upon Himself the sins of the world - the sins of yours and mine and receive the punishment that you and I deserve.

It was LOVE that caused Him to hang there, and after He died, God's power and love that brought Him out of the grave.  The enemy was defeated!

Today, He offers us that eternal hope and salvation.  He says, "Come, child, and I will give you rest.  Your punishment has been paid."

So what do you need to do to be saved?  Believe on the Lord Jesus...believe that He is who He says He is, and that He died on the cross for your sins.  Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, then turn and follow Him wherever He leads you.

I promise...God's Word promises, that if you do, you will be given life eternal, peace of mind, joy unspeakable, and purpose fulfilling.

Please turn to Him today.  Let's make a difference in this world, one life at a time!  You know, Jesus is the answer!



  1. Would you mind if our church uses the photo in this post on our facebook page/website? I don't see any copyright information and can't find a way to contact you directly.

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry Joe, just saw this post. I just got pic off of Google images. Hope this helps.


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