Just a Weekend in the Life of Kristi

Good morning, friends.  I hope your weekend was full of blessings and good things. 

Our family enjoyed time away as we went back to our hometown and visited Rick's family.  Of course the first item on the agenda was to find a good place to eat, so I chose Chick-fil-A, as a way to show our support for them and the values they stand for.  Surprised?  Lol.

There's a funny story behind this picture.  I posted it on Facebook and a friend of mine said I was a "cute, cute little heifer."  Rick and I got quite a chuckle!  I've been called a lot of things in my life, but heifer has never been one of them.  Guess I brought that on myself. :)

After dinner, we all went up to the town's yearly carnival called Homecomers.  It was fun...plenty of more good food (Rick ate a brat, ice cream, nachos, etc...don't know where he puts it all!), music and friends we hadn't seen in years.  It still has that small town feel to it, which we love.

The picture above shows a really cool police car they had all lit up and jamming.  I think Rick took a picture close up...let me see if I can upload it.  It was totally rad.

Yeah, here it is.  It was a pretty sweet ride!  It definitely drew a crowd. 

We came back home Saturday evening, and prepared for a talk we had Sunday evening at our church regarding our Badge of Hope Ministries.  Everyone seemed appreciative and interested in what we do and how God is using us. 

All in all, it was a great weekend and a good get-away.  Now, back to the grind.

Have a wonderful week, enjoy your time with God, and stay safe!