A Fickle People

We are a fickle people; have been throughout all generations, I suppose. 

Rick and I have a ministry to law enforcement families.  Whether you like cops or even care about their well-being, you must admit their job is not an easy one.  I especially know this since I live with one.

They work long hours for little pay and a lot of headache.  They babysit adults who ought to know better, but can't seem to get their act together.  They deal with punk kids whose parents won't stand up and be parents, even to the point of egging on the disrespect and abuse of those in authority.

They are shot at, sued, spit on and cussed out.  They're the first ones called when someone needs help, but the last one anyone wants to see when you or I are in the wrong.  Is it any wonder, then, that some of them grow hard - so hard, in fact, that they begin to chamelion those they deal with?  This especially is why they need to be shown the love of Christ; given a hope to which they can cling.

Recently, I was in earshot of someone complaining about the way a few cops were handling a certain situation.  Granted, there are dirty cops, but there are also crooked pastors, rotten teachers, bad politicians, and horrible doctors - all of these folks need our continual prayers. 

A person requested prayer for another poor soul being mistreated (in their limited and biased viewpoint) by police, but failed to mention prayer for the officers or anyone else in the decision making process.  I thought it ironic, since these and many others have so supported our ministry to...who else?...cops.  Fickle.  As long as they (the police) are behaving, we support them.  But as soon as one gets out of line...well...the honeymoon period is over.

It made me think of Jesus and the fickleness of the Jewish people.  At first, Jesus was well thought of.  He was a Rabbi and a teacher.  He was invited to weddings and celebrations.  Scores of people lined the hillsides to hear the teacher talk about God and His heavenly home. 

At one point, it was even their intention to forcibly make Him king.  Huh!  What a funny notion.  For not too long after, they were raising their fists and chanting, "Crucify!!"  What a fickle people.

So what is my point in saying all this?  Aren't people allowed to change their minds about someone?  Sure.  That's the beauty of a free will.  God gave us that freedom, yet it is so randomly abused.   Whatever happened to loyalty and respect?  How about sticking with someone through thick and thin?  What happened to praying for those we disagree with?  What?!  Unheard of.

Well, I guess it is what it is, but for me...I salute these public servants and extend a hand of encouragement and Christian love.  Of all the words people may use to describe me, fickle will not be one of them.  Just saying.



  1. Thanks for your love, understanding and support, my sister.
    Det. Sgt. M.C. Williams
    VP, FCPO
    Dir., www.TheCenturionLawEnforcementMinistry


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