A Police Wife's Prayer Answered

For years now, I have made it a habit of praying every day for my husband’s safety…to bless his hands in whatever the Lord chooses to give him for that day.  So when one of those kinds of God-allowed situations escalated into a life or death battle on a living room sofa, that prayer was answered in its entirety.

Rick and two other officers received the call about a suicidal woman barricaded in her home.  Of course their minds began reeling with all possible scenarios as they arrived on the scene.

After much persuasion, the distraught woman allowed the officers entry into her home, only to grab her weapon and hurl herself on the couch in fetal position, the gun pressed into her abdomen.

In a moment of heavenly presence, a swift and mighty answer to my prayers surrounded that tiny room.  My God stepped in amazingly and without incident, allowing the officers to pry her hands off the trigger and take her into protective custody.

Of course, I had no idea that all this was playing out, for I was at home spending the afternoon busying myself around the house, doing laundry and much needed household chores.

Isn’t that just like God?  So many times we offer up prayers for this or for that, and do not give it a second thought as to how or when He’ll answer.

Oftentimes in our haste, we utter our requests as easily as we order off a menu.  Yet in this instance, God delivered not only my request for my husband’s safety, but the other officer and the woman as well.  Praise God!

As I close this blog, let’s remember these words as we fall to our knees in humble adoration and thanks…”The prayer of a righteous man (or woman) is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

God bless,


  1. Yes! Our prayers are powerful and effective when we are in right standing with God - under the precious blood of His Son, Jesus! Thank you for sharing this answered prayer. So many times when I'm busy running around the house doing our laundry, I wonder what my husband is going though at that moment at work. I offer up a prayer, trusting God with his life. I believe our prayers stand before God, no matter when they are prayed. The point is to PRAY, whenever we have the time and burden, and God will be faithful to answer them according to His will and goodness!

  2. Amen, sister! Prayer should be our first response rather than our last resort. :)


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