Blue Light Shining

In light of all the senseless murders of our our police officers over the past several weeks, this is for all my sisters married to the badge.  Your strength amazes me.

A blue light shines on my front porch.

Silent darkness encompasses the night.

I lay there in silence listening...waiting...praying.  Only the sound of his keys in the door and his footsteps in the hallway will comfort my anxious soul.

The news gives me no relief.  Another one gunned down.  No respect for life.  No care for the man behind the badge who loves and is loved by the little ones tucked safely in their bed.

Careless, cold-hearted, selfish people decide the fate of our men and women in uniform.  They would rather see them die than to have an ounce of integrity and own up to their own sinful behaviors and poor choices.

Mindless haters create pages on media sites in order to spew their venom and indoctrinate those who are feeble minded enough to buy into the lies.    But...that's their right.  This is America.

So, I will continue on...worrying, wondering, waiting, praying.  I will listen for his car door slam; key in the door. 

I will pray with all intensity as he suits up and leaves the safety of his home to ensure the safety of others.

I will resolve in my heart not to be rattled for I know I have a God of Peace...a Mighty Defender...a Glorious Warrior who goes before and behind.  I rest in the assurance that my husband walks in His presence daily covered by the blood of Jesus that will ensure his journey safely Home.... if it should come to that.

 I will not be shaken by news feeds or careless comments, but rather I will proudly support the thin blue line and all of its heroes who risk their lives each and every shift.

I will find ways to show my appreciation and gratitude, and teach my children and granchildren the meaning of sacrifice.

I will love those who hate.  Even though at times it will be hard and I will want to lash out in anger, I will remember the gentle meekness of a Savior who at any time could have called 10,000 angels, but chose instead to lay down His life for you and for me.

I will do my best to bring happiness and comfort within the four walls I dwell in; to be my husband's biggest cheerleader and supporter.  I will have his back.

And...if that time should come that we shall part this life not because of sickness or accident, but at the hand of another, I will hold my beloved safely in my heart until we meet again.