Do You Have True Independence?

Independence Day is my FAVORITE holiday, bypassing Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and even my birthday! Why?  There's a number of reasons...great food, warm weather, parades, family gatherings, beautiful colors in the sky, feelings of patriotism and love for country, but it runs even deeper than that.  It's a day of declaration of freedom from oppression by another.

In a sense, Independence Day is something every Christian should celebrate with gusto.  For our country as a whole, this special day is a celebration of religious liberties and the pursuit of happiness.  It is a day that has been fought and died for so that men and women would have the freedom to dream, become, achieve and rise above mediocrity in order to accomplish great things.

Though my true Independence Day did not come on July 4th, but rather on some obscure day without fanfare or glitz, I choose to celebrate not only my beloved country's birth, but my spiritual one as well when I was truly set free and given limitless power to rise above the ashes of my life and embrace restoration, inspiration, and regeneration.  God was and is the developer and signer of my declaration.  He and He alone set aside my chains and released me from a life of bondage and sin.  Now, I am free in Christ and have reason to celebrate!

So on this Independence Day, I urge you to examine your documents closely.  Do you have in your possession an eternal Declaration?  If not, what better time to find true freedom than on the Fourth of July....Independence Day!


Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. - Psalm 33:12