Heading in a New Direction. Will You Join Me?

Hey all.  I apologize that my postings have been sporadic as of late.  After a little over five years of blogging, I guess you could say that I've run out of things to blog about when it comes to law enforcement issues, etc.

But wait!  God has a different plan!!  After much consideration, I am going to take a long hiatus from this blog site, perhaps permanently, and focus solely on Badge of Hope Ministries and reaching cops and their families for Christ.

Because of such an overwhelming response on my online Blue Line Bible Study group, I will now be posting those devotions (several per week), on our Badge of Hope Ministries site.

If you are interested in hopping over there and checking them/us out, the address is www.badgeofhopeministries.com.  I would love to have you join me!  Also, be sure to share the info with any officer or spouse who might need a little encouragement or pick-me-up. 

Thanks for being supportive...for reading my thoughts even when they weren't that great...and for supporting the thin blue line.

Blessings and keep your eyes on the sky for He's coming back soon!