3 Reasons Beyonce's Dis to Law Enforcement Reflect the Times

Millions of viewers tuned in Sunday evening to the big football game of the year.  Rick and I watched, not because of the sport, but because it gives us a reason to eat more junk food and laugh at some of the ridiculous commercials.

However, ever before the game aired, I caught a glimpse of an article describing Beyonce's debut at the half-time show, of her new song, "Formation".

The article described the related video as depicting "a line of cops and a black child with their hands up along with a wall with graffiti sprayed on it saying 'stop shooting us.'"

Personally, it was beyond all I could do to swallow it, but in order to understand for myself, I watched her video.  What was displayed was not a brilliant piece of musical genius, but rather a vulgar, derogatory, and skewed view of reality.

Sitting back and mulling on it for awhile, I realize that this video (and assuredly many more like them), paint an accurate picture of the point to where our nation has declined.  Let me explain.

1.  Respect for authority is amiss.  It is my opinion, that this video and performer reflect the climate of the nation.  We no longer respect those who are in authority.  For Beyonce, she seems to have a world-sized chip on her shoulder, making it her mission to disrespect and disregard those who valiantly serve day in and day out on the streets of America.

What she and many others fail to recognize, is that these same men and women whom she so arrogantly propagated against, would willingly place their life on the line for her...for them.  They are the very ones she and many others like her expect protection from, yet at the same moment breed hatred out of their negative influence.

For the record, I have had the awesome privilege to get to know many, many officers around the country.  The majority of these public servants set aside safety, loved ones, and greater opportunity in order to serve their fellow man.  They do not do it for the money or notoriety, unlike folks of Ms. Knowle's caliber, but do it because they care and want to make a difference.  I wonder what difference could be made if influential people like Ms. Knowle would promote peace and respect rather than tear down with a rhetoric of division?

2.  The power of persuasion rules. The continuous race baiting, heir of entitlement that not only comes out of the White House, but is also seen through stunts like Ms. Knowle, is creating a generation of folks who no longer respect the basic fabric of our civilized nation.

Police officers are being challenged, not supported.  Every action is being called into question, and unfortunately, some (officers) are being railroaded to fit the current political climate and agenda.

The acts of a leader, whether godly or wicked, always set the tone for others to follow, especially those with significant influence.  Ms. Knowle is such a leader with a huge fan base and large following, so much so that the President of the United States, calls her friend.  I don't think even she understands fully the weight of her words and the power of her actions.  

Clearly, she has chosen to use her status to promote an agenda, one of which continues to harm and deceive those who refuse to think for themselves.

Have we become that shallow, that we blindly swallow rhetoric by someone clearly out of touch with reality?  Sadly, the power of persuasion is as strong as ever, and in this case, is cleverly and meticulously spreading a venom that will be hard to reverse the affect.

 3.   Truth is becoming optionalUpon watching the above-mentioned video, again I noted the hands up along with the "stop shooting us" verbiage.  Frankly, these untruths are becoming tiresome and divisive.

The hands up signage was a lie concocted to again fit a particular agenda.  Michael Brown from the Ferguson fiasco was said to have had his hands up when Darren Wilson pulled the trigger.  The fact of the matter proved otherwise. The hands up mantra was a lie spread so as to distract from the truth.  

Sadly, truth has become optional within this nation.  Regardless of who it may hurt in the process, many have embraced a lie rather than taking a stand for decency and honor.  

Ms. Knowle promoted this lie when she chose to add it to her video.  Whether or not she truly believes it, the fact of the matter is that it sells records and continues to push a certain mindset from those who again, blindly follow.

Unfortunately, our law enforcement are taking the brunt of the fallout from such lies to the point of losing life because of the ever growing hatred towards a skewed thought of who an officer is.

Keeping these things in mind, it is my prayer that the tide will change; that people will wake up from their stupor and see that individuals such as Ms. Knowle have only a limited knowledge of who our law enforcement truly are.

Until you've walked a mile in their shoes or have lived with one for a number of years, a person really cannot begin to fathom the true spirit who indwells every one of them who put on that badge.

Stay strong blue!  Rise above the hate.



  1. Beautifully put. Thank you so much for your continued effort to inform the uninformed. Much love. xx

    1. Thanks, Katie. :) Appreciate your encouragement.


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