To Orlando with Love: When God Says "Go!"

What do you do when God says "Go!"?

Sunday morning, we awoke to the news of a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub. Sad situation, but personally I was busy getting ready for church and trying to make sure the grandson had his bath and breakfast, to really let it sink in.  In the other room, however, Rick was wrestling with the Lord.

I sat there in the sanctuary and remember thinking that my husband seemed distracted.  That's not unusual, however, as he is a cop, and in that line of work there are a number of distractions.

Back home after a wonderful service, I sat in my recliner ready for a Sunday afternoon nap when Rick who was sitting across from me, seemed to drift in and out of outer space.

"What's going on in your thoughts?" I asked him.

"Mmm...nothing," was his usual reply.  Then he added, "Just thinking about Orlando."

I looked at him and said quite nonchalantly, "You should go."

Rick immediately looked at me as if I had a ghost standing behind my chair.

"I just need to take a nap."

He walked back to the bedroom and I quietly comforted myself in the recliner ready to catch up on some precious nap time.

It wasn't long and I heard shuffling around in the bedroom then into the kitchen.  I sat up in my chair and told my husband that I wasn't asleep.  He came and sat down again in front of me and with tears in his eyes and a choked voice said, "I have have to go."

God had been impressing on his mind and heart ever since the early morning hours, that he was being called to minister to those who were hurting.

After agreeing with him in this endeavor, we began scouring the Internet for an available, half-way inexpensive plane ticket.  Things kept coming up either way out of our league or at an inconvenient time.

"Come on, Lord," I thought.  "Find him something and make this happen."

The Lord did not disappoint.  We found the right combination and purchased the ticket even though Rick, by this time, was feeling out of his mind.

"God has this and will provide," I said.

Not long after the commitment, Rick sent out a prayer request to a number of our friends and followers.  Within minutes, the Lord had provided over $300 to aid the trip. 

Few more offer for a place to stay.

Few more...a dinner scheduled for one of the days.

More...a friend to go with him, and on and on it continued to go.

God was and is in this and we are seeing first hand once again how He will part the water before us if we will just step in.

Today, we had another $275 given towards the trip.  The cost of the entire plane ticket has now been paid for.  What a blessing!  What a God we serve!!

Did I mention the fact that God knew this would happen months ago?  We had previously been scheduled for another police retreat this week and Rick had taken off the days to attend, however due to the host organization's lack of funds, we were later "cancelled" on coming.  My husband had kept the days off figuring he would just enjoy some down time.  Nah!  God knew.  He knew!!

There are so many other facets to this story that I do not even have room or time to divulge, but just know that when God says "Go!" you must do exactly that.  Don't hesitate.  Don't falter or talk yourself out of it.  He knows the plans He has for you, and will make sure they succeed.

So...Orlando, we love you and look forward to seeing what all God is going to do in the midst of this tragedy and with Rick in the middle of it.

We know that just in the case of Lazarus, Jesus delayed in aiding His dying friend because He knew that when the worst case scenario had happened, that's when He could do His best work and God could get the most glory.

Stay tuned!  I'm sure I will have many, many more stories to tell of what all He is doing through all of this.  Not for Rick's glory or Badge of Hope's glory, but for His and His alone.



  1. Prayers for a safe trip, and for God to work through your husband during this terribly difficult time.

    Carrie Kristopeit

    1. Thank you! God is already paving the way. Keep the prayers coming!

  2. God is an amazing Engineer, down to the smallest detail. Ready, set, go!!!

    1. Yes He is!! We can always trust Him. He never fails!! :)


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