Easter Is Over...Or Is It?

Okay. So now what?

Christ has arisen. He defeated death, hell and the grave, but now, here we are back to another Monday morning.

For many, we've endured our one hour or so of religious duty until Christmas.

The new clothes are waded up in the floor. Easter candy scattered about. Leftovers stacked in the refrigerator, and all the family back home.

So what really is the point?

I think the question is now, "What are we going to do with Jesus the rest of the year?"

Do we just put Him in a box until next Easter? Does His death and resurrection really make a difference in our lives today?

I want to really challenge you to think about that question. If God could leave His throne along with all the glories of Heaven, encapsulate all the power and all the majesty and mystery of the entire world and become a tiny being in His mother's womb...

If He could then grow up and become a God-man who dwelt among us healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, forgiving sins and raising the dead...

Then willingly allowed Himself to be tortured and killed on your behalf and mine; to die, then rise again on the third day....

Shouldn't we take a second look? Wouldn't you think He is worth living for daily?
Happy "continued" Easter, everyone. You're living a true story! Treasure it...every single day!