Love in Action: A Cop Silently Sweeps Where His Brothers Fell

With all of the ridiculousness that is going on within our country, I ran across a story this morning that had a profound impact on me.

It was of Sgt. Matt Koski, broom and bucket of water in hand, quietly sweeping away the aftermath of his fallen brothers.

No one asked him to.

He wasn't expecting anything in return.

So un-2017ish.

In the video, you can see young men watching, as if an alien had landed right before them.

This one act of kindness and humility preached a thousand sermons, taught a treasure trove of lessons, and will continue to minister to countless hearts.

THIS is what Jesus called us to do.  THIS is being Christ in action and overcoming hatred with love.

May we all be so thoughtful.


Sgt. Koski Sweeping the Street