Sow Those Seeds of Life!

Sunday, Rick and I had the privilege to attend service in the church we were married. We always love to go back and visit, and especially love feasting on a well-prepared, God-given word.

The message was on "harvest," but surrounded the process of sowing - basically the same message given at another church 100 miles apart, two weeks ago.

Looking at my husband, I asked him if he saw a connection. Of course, he was as blown away as I was.

God is trying to tell us something...all of us. We are farmers and have the awesome task of plowing, planting, cultivating, WAITING, and gathering. God's job is to produce the "save" those who receive the seed.

So my questions are these: What are you and I sowing? Have we plowed up the ground? Planted the seeds? How are we cultivating those seeds?

Here's the big one...How is the wait? Are you and I waiting patiently or are we trying to hurry it along?

And finally, are you and I ready for the harvest that He will bring?

Friends, this old world needs seed. Seed contains life. We are placed here to be the farmer.
Wherever you are today, find ways to plant seeds, cultivate them, and then wait for God to bring the harvest. I believe God is telling us it's going to be a good one this year!