Billy Graham: A Life Well Lived

This morning I was scurrying around the house, trying to get last minute things done before I headed out to work.  I picked up my phone and stopped.  There in the headlines was the news of Rev. Billy Graham's death at 99 years of age.

I quietly paused to reflect on a life well lived.  This man, a simple orator, could have chosen a number of different paths, but instead, he listened to a voice...God's voice, and followed hard after.

I reminisced about times as a child, I would be doing my homework or playing with Barbie's - the television tuned in to a Billy Graham crusade.  Hearing that southern drawl spill out, "Jesus loves you!  Don't delay!"  just confirmed and embedded even deeper a need for a relationship with the Savior, and a love I have today for my Heavenly Father.

Years later, I had the opportunity to attend one of his crusades in St. Louis, Missouri.  I can still remember gathering as a group outside the big stadium, and feeling the excitement of actually getting to hear this legend, Billy Graham!

Thousands poured into the dome and as we all sat there wide-eyed, there was just something about this man who had such love...such a passion, for such a God. 

The music played softly at the end of the service.  Hundreds poured forth like tiny ants spilling from an ant hill.  People were hungry...ready to make a change and surrender it all to the One true God.  I remember tears welling up in my heart and in my eyes as I witnessed the miraculous movement of God.

It wasn't anything special about this humble man.  He didn't have glamour or glitz.  There were no gimmicks or tricks.  What he had to offer was truth and an earnest plea to "come to the Savior".  God's hand of favor was surely on this man!

Today we mourn.  A great light has burned out this side of Heaven.  A modern-day prophet has left for his eternal home, and all I can say is, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant".

Today we pick up the mantle just as Elisha did when Elijah was taken from this earth.  It is now in our hands to move press share the gospel with as many who will listen.

The time is now.  Do not delay.  Jesus loves you and died for your sins on the cross.  He paid the penalty for your sins and mine, and if you want to spend eternity with Him, then you must not wait. I assure you, that it will be the best decision you will ever make, and just perhaps one day you will see that southern gentile smile that says, "Welcome home, friend.  I knew you'd make it."


"God proved His love on the Cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, ''I love you.''" Billy Graham