Lost Glasses and a Dove in the Clouds

"Where are my glasses?"

I began to look frantically around the house for my eyes.  Being nearsighted, I have to have my glasses to see when I drive, walk, or just to make out details across the room.

I had decided to take a walk after dinner, but needed to find my glasses first.  It was getting late and I don't like walking much after dark.

"Lord...You have to help me find my glasses!"

I prayed and walked; searched and hunted.

Rick grabbed his keys and headed out the door to go look for them in our car that we had just dropped off at the automotive center.  "I'll bet you left them there."

On a whim and after much searching, I walked out into our garage and opened the door.  There in front of me was a chair I had sat in for a bit after getting home.  And inside the cup holder were my glasses!

I hurriedly put them on then called my husband to let him know I found them.  Thankfully he had not gotten too far.

Glad to still be able to get a small walk in, I headed down the street and around the corner where the houses are spaced out quite a bit more.

Just then I looked up and noticed it.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

I mean, I had been praying (as I usually do when I walk), but never imagined God would answer in such a beautiful way!

There in the sky as the sun was setting for the evening, was a perfectly formed dove.

I just had to stop, take a picture, and praise Him for this creative blessing.  God was reminding me that His peace was all I need.

The Bible tells us that He knows our anxious thoughts.  Mine included another officer being shot and killed, some big life decisions to be made, deadlines to attend to, and so much more, yet here He was drawing in the sky a symbol of peace.

And yes, if I had found my glasses sooner I would have missed the whole thing.  He knows.  He works in the big and the small stuff.

So go ahead and trust Him.  Let His peace cover over all your anxious thoughts!  And don't forget to look up!