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The Latest National Crisis and a Call for Repentance

Well, here we are again. Gosh, I had hoped we had evolved a bit, but evidently I was sadly mistaken. I had pretty much hung up my writing hat since the Ferguson fiasco, but with this latest string of violence and wave of frustration, I dug that thing out, dusted it off, and to my husband's chagrin decided to put words to paper. Let me try and describe to you my feelings, which I assure you are all over the board right now. Pray for me. First, let me just address that elephant in the room. A man died this week at the hands of those in authority. It was horrific, tragic, and plain sad...but so it is with anyone who loses their life in a senseless manner, or any manner! Can we agree? Death is  not  natural, and frankly, I'm appalled and sickened that so many chose to watch this man take his final breaths as if they were watching Monday night football. Let me just tell you something, life is precious. Somehow we have forgotten that. Just stop for a moment and ask yourself,

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