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Trump...America's Scapegoat for All That's Wrong in the World

Here we go again.  The media spinning stories, and folks on both sides of the fence mudslinging in the streets over this latest incident in Virginia.  This is the latest thing, right?  I can't seem to keep up.

I've read several takes on this sad mess and how it always has to be Trump's fault.  How can a protest turned cowardly act resulting in a woman's death and multiple injuries, not to mention the deaths of two Highway Patrol officers, be Trump's fault? Do we not take ownership of our own actions anymore?

Sometimes I feel like instead of the "Greatest Nation on Earth", we have become the "Whiniest Nation on the Planet". 

It's no secret there are a number of ticked off people still licking their wounds after Trump's sound defeat last year.  Folks don't like the way he lives up to what he says.  Truly, it is so un-politician like.

The haters and whiners know no other tactic than to complain and lash out over anything and everythin…

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