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Justifying Our Sins: No Matter How You Slice Them, They're Still Wrong

Why is it that we try and justify our sins; to make them look less "sinful" or unattractive?

The answer is simply human nature...sinful human nature.  Take this for example:

I recently read an article about a mom who doesn't see a problem with her 5 year old son swearing.  She claims that she sees nothing wrong with using "naughty" or "adult" words when frustrated or agitated over something, yet she justifies her potty mouth by saying, "I only ever swear for emphasis, I never swear at anyone".  Well that does make us feel better now doesn't it? Not to mention the fact she is setting such a tarnished example for her child.

Call me old fashioned, but things like this cause my eye to twitch and my soul to feel a stinging pain.

I have been in Walmart one too many times when I've overheard a conversation between a parent and child, two or more teenagers, or even a couple of elderly grandmas, cussing like a sailor without even blushing.  …

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