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The Shockley Decision and A Call to Repent

The anticipation has been building for some time.  This week, the line of defense put in place as an added layer of protection against hatred that will surely spill out.

The verdict in the Jason Stockley case finally announced this morning -not guilty.

Already protesters are gathering.  Already ugliness and division running amok on social media.

You know, I had chosen this time around to not really pay much attention to this particular story.  I really didn't want to think about another Ferguson, but yet I awoke with a pit in my stomach as if a dark cloud was once again descending on an area already torn apart by so much hatred.

I had gently questioned my husband the night before, "Will you have to go?"  Thankfully, the answer was in our favor.

This morning I thought of all the others who didn't have that luxury, those who will strap on that vest, put on those boots and pin on that badge and head into the fire pit - this broiling pot of anger, unrest and unbridled s…

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