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Does God Love "Bad" People?

Rambling "early morning" thoughts...

When God wakes you up at 4:30 in the morning with a pressing need to answer something you read on Facebook the previous day, what do you do? roll over and wait until 5:30 because it is cold out from under the covers, but then you get up and write. So here I am.


Someone posted the story yesterday about the man who raped and killed the little three-year-old girl out east. Tragic, tragic situation. Horrible and unimaginable. My heart desperately aches for that family.

Yet, it was the comments that stirred me; actually caused me to shake my head.

One comment said something like, "I don't want that man in heaven...", another man said something about God couldn't possibly love him, and a woman asked, "Where was your god when this man brutally raped and tortured this little girl?" I assure you, there were others...many, many others.

So. What do we do with all of…

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