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God, the Supplier of All Things Including Keys

Do you ever think that small details are not worth bothering God about?

Last week, our family "misplaced" a key to my car. I had one on my key ring, but the other one (my husband's), had been misplaced. He had taken it off his key ring and left it on the counter while we were out of state, so our kids could use the car while we were gone.

After we got home from being away, we noticed the key gone.  Of course, no-one knew where it was.

If you haven't priced keys lately, those with a chip in them are quite expensive to replace. I decided it was time to pray. (Note to self: start praying the first thing and not as a last resort)

For several days, I searched and looked. I went through pockets and purses. I combed through piles of mail and drawers of junk. No key.

"God, please help us find that key. Show me where to look."

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I got in the car to go home. I took out my key ring and inserted the key into the car…

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