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Whose Finger Pointing Are YOU Listening to?

With everything going on in our nation, God reminded me this morning of an old story... A woman was caught in the act of adultery. A woman - someone who by gender, in that culture, was looked down upon. Even more so, a woman caught in a sexual act...more-than-likely set up by a crowd of religious leaders and others, in order to trap Jesus into overlooking the incident. As she was thrown down at Jesus' feet, the pompous crowd of men, probably with their arms crossed over their puffed up chests, demanded Jesus to answer, "What do you say?" Jesus did not choose sides. He did not point His finger at the woman and condemn her. He did not glare at the crowd of men and lash back in self-righteous anger. Instead, He bent down without saying a word and began to write something in the sand. The Bible doesn't tell us what He wrote, but one could imagine that He began to write out the sins that each of these men had hidden in his heart. You know, the things we all try to …

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