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Should Christians Participate in Halloween?

Hello friends. It's been awhile. I have started on a new journey of textbooks, papers, and quizzes which have kept me extremely occupied. Yes, I've headed to seminary and am trying to spend less amount of time on social media these days.

Yet even so, I've had this topic on my mind: Should Christians Participate in Halloween? 

I've seen a number of blogs, videos, and other such media presentations about this issue. Just yesterday, I watched a portion of a video made by a Christian radio host. What I found to be more enlightening than the video, however, were the comments.

I do want to say up front, I am not judging you if you have pumpkins on your front porch and have just purchased your kid's costume.What I am doing is thinking out loud, asking questions that need to be asked, and getting you the reader to think and make your own decisions.  Let's take a look.

First, Halloween has become one of the biggest money makers of the year. According to Kimberly Amad…

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