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The Michael Brown Settlement - A Blackened Eye for Truth

Yesterday I read where Michael Brown's parents settled the lawsuit with the City of Ferguson, former Chief Tom Jackson, and former Officer Darren Wilson, for a cool $1.5 million.  What a sham and shame.

This case has set precedent from the get go - criminals can be; according to many, should be; and as we are seeing, will often be, rewarded for their crime.  Though I might this side of eternity.

So what are some things we've learned from this Ferguson fiasco?

1.  Criminals can become legends and their parents millionaires - Here was a teenager who was brought up with a chip on his shoulder and a gear to grind.  He walked around with self entitlement all over his person, and that is what legends are made of.  Right?

Like out of an old western movie, this young man came onto the scene with mischief in mind, and in the end, his threatening approach caused a deadly reaction from the now ostracized lawman.

Overnight, the story spun out of control.  It's a big deal …

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