A Nation in Trouble - Thoughts from a Police Wife and Christian

Our country has been rocked on its hinge once again with this latest tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and I felt compelled to share my thoughts, as a police wife and as a Christian.

Thursday was just another day in the life of Americans everywhere.  The latest summer thriller had made its way to the big screen, and movie patrons and Batman fans flocked to theaters to catch a glimpse of their hero in black.

Life was pretty typical for the police officers of Aurora.  Calls were answered, reports typed up, and assignments dispersed.  Several of the off-duty guys attended a Bible study led by a friend of ours, and the hours ticked by.  There was no inclination that a crime was about to go down which would rock numerous lives and send shock waves throughout the nation.

As a wife and mother of an officer, I am well aware of the dangers of law enforcement.  I know that at any moment one of my men could find themselves in the midst of a chaotic situation - one filled with so much evil and hatred, such as Aurora, Virginia Tech, Waco, Columbine, Oklahoma City, etc.  One that might shatter our lives.  Yet it's what they do...what they've been called to do, and I support that.

Our enemy, though, is close at hand.  He is a destroyer and a deceiver, and we have welcomed him into our nation, government, our schools, churches and homes.  We've pushed God aside  - rather shoved Him, and said, "You are no longer invited here in this place.  We have a new friend, and his name is Self Destruction."

So my men, along with thousands of others, go out each day with a duty to do - pick up the pieces of broken lives, torn up bodies, drug ridden homes, and mangled messes.  They deal with it in the way they've been trained, but their human side can't help but be affected by its aftermath.

On top of the stress and hellish nightmares, we have cities like Detroit who are cutting wages and seniority.  Seriously?  In an already saturated place, riddled with bullets and crime, we have chosen to demote, abandon, frustrate and accuse the last inkling of order and authority? 

"Move out, God, we don't need you any longer.  We've got this under control."

Our nation is being destroyed from within.  Many are screaming for tougher gun laws and equal rights, but all the while, our enemy is planting ways in his followers hearts and minds to attack and undermine those in places of decision.

We no longer allow prayer in schools - wouldn't want to offend those who don't believe like we do, yet gay pride parades and department store adds with two dads is okay.  We wonder why our children are turning to drugs to help numb them from every day life.

"Get out of here, God.  You put too much of a damper on our fun."

Gone are the days when children respected their parents and parents were worthy of respect.  Now, we are left with newscasts of children being tossed out with the trash, locked in closets for years, and parents selling their children.  Have we lost sight of how precious life is?

We are proud of our dirty little secret...human slaves that are plentiful but carefully guarded.

Our lips utter words that at one time would have made a sailor blush, but now is common language.  Disrespect clings to our demeanor and we even encourage it.  Just this week an officer friend had a thirteen year old call him a series of explicatives in front of his mother.  Pretty much an every day occurrence, but tragic nonetheless.

So I end this blog, not on a good feeling or warm fuzzy notion.  No, I offer one word...REPENT!  Our nation has left its first love.  We have turned away from our core beliefs.  Folks can rip out the pages of history if they want and try and blame Christians, Tea Partiers and even George Bush, but truth remains - our nation was built on Judeo Christian faith and a general respect for life, limb, and liberty. 

Our forefathers sought God and His wisdom and were blessed because of it.  Now, because of our turning against Him and everything He has given us for our protection and good, we are reaping the consequences of our actions. 

Join with me as we pray, humble ourselves and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways.  There is hope and time, though if we line up the days with God's Word, it seems the hour is close at hand for Christ's return.  Let us not delay, but get on our knees in humbleness and earnest seeking.

Finally, let us love.  We must show love toward our enemies and those who persecute us.  The Bible says that, "Love covers a multitude of sins."  It was love that nailed Jesus to the cross and love that offers His salvation and hope to all who earnestly seek it.

God...help us!  Forgive us...forgive me of my sin and turning away from You.  We plead with you to heal our land, Lord.  Let change begin with me in my heart, thoughts and deeds.  Help me to look to You and obey your Word.  Let others see Christ reflected in me and may I be a light to a darkened world.

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. Amen!!! I am standing in prayer with you, and anyone else willing to stand with us!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. The Lord has really been convicting my own heart and it's time Christians step up to the plate and let their true faith shine. God bless!


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