Coming Soon!!! Layers, a New Bible Study for Women

Good morning friends, please bear with me as I give you a little infomercial on my latest project...Layers, a new Bible study for women.


For many years in my early adulthood, I felt as if there was some invisible barrier keeping me from experiencing an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

Oh, I tried to be the good little Christian, but I also failed…miserably!  I’d been raised in a Christian home and had been “churched” all my life, yet there seemed as if something was missing.  Faith to me was stale, and dare I say, uneventful.  I knew there was supposed to be more, but I was stuck going through the motions without personally experiencing God’s realness.

Everything began to change in 1996.  God did some radical things and set me on a quest to drink Him in altogether differently.  I would love to tell you it’s been an easy path to where I am now, but it hasn’t.  I’d also like to say I’ve arrived, but I’m nowhere near.   

What I do know, however, is that moment by moment, day by day, He is there to prove to me His love.  Nothing I encounter is ever wasted.  Everything can be used for His glory and His praise.  His love for me is now fresh and exciting!

Through this five-week study, we will go through the layers that hinder our relationship with Jesus...layers such as pride, self-reliance, impatience, doubt, anger and unforgiveness.  Each week will encompass five lessons - one for each day of the work week or however you want to fit it in.  I will also have videos corresponding to the lessons loaded up on a this website.  Hopefully, the combination of both will add to your study experience and give a glimpse into my heart as I was writing it.

So, friends, be watching!  It's a coming and I'm praying God will do AMAZING things with it. :)



  1. I might not be the right gender, but the content of your lesson plan interests me. I can attest to the path you've been on, as it is quite familiar to me as well.

    As a man, I'll be a silent reader on this one.

  2. Haha! I would love a silent reader! Actually, I sort of figured that there might be some men who might want to read it. I'll keep you posted. :)


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