Meandering Thoughts on God's Blessings

Good morning, cyber friends.  I hope you are waking up to a wonderful God day and all the ways He wants to show you His love.

This past weekend was such a blessing.  Our daughter's birthday was Friday, so naturally we celebrated all weekend (she likes to drag it out as long as possible!). 

The temperatures couldn't have been better.  Here in Missouri, one can never tell what a day will bring.  It could be raining, snowing, or 80 degrees in a period of a few days. :)

However, the weather was a traditional fall day with temps in the low 70s and a gentle breeze.  The leaves are at their peak of fall color - surprising to us since we had such a drought this summer.

Friday was the school's homecoming parade, so I was privileged to get to see the daughter walking next to the float she helped make. Saturday we fixed a big pot of chili and another pot of chicken and dumplings.  Yum!  Then that evening, we headed over to the daughter's boyfriend's house to have a bonfire, food and fun to celebrate her big day...again.

Sunday, of course, was the Lord's day and what a blessing that always is!  After church, our entire family except for our son who is away at school, went to the local steak house for lunch then back to our house for some family time. 

Our grandson who's about a year and a half now, put on a show by doing somersaults and running around like a wild man.  Of course, he's got his Grammy wrapped around his little finger and then some.

Later that evening, after everyone had said their goodbyes, it was time for me and my man to head out and do a little arrowhead hunting.  I have to highly recommend it, though please leave some for me. :)  It doesn't require a lot of thought and gets us out together in God's beautiful world.  And can I tell you, He did not disappoint - God, that is. 

No, we didn't find anything yesterday, but we saw so much beauty.  The trees by the river were the most brilliant shades of yellow and orange.  I was just completely captivated by their beauty, until I started hearing shots fired.  Ha ha!  That will put a spring in your step.  Totally forgot it is almost hunting season around these parts and many were practicing. 

Anyway, the whole point to this sing songy blog is that God is so amazing.  Even in the mundane things of every day life, we can find Him.  In the cool, trickling waters of the river...I feel His presence.  In the colors of the autumn leaves, I know He's there.  In the beauty of family and friends, I hear His whisper of love.  In the freedom of worship, I know His embrace.

Today, friend, how are you discovering God in wherever your feet lead you?  What part of God do you see when you're dealing with a drug addict, visiting a loved one in the hospital, or counseling a friend?  Do you hear His voice when you are making dinner or driving to work?  How is He leading you to touch someone else's heart today?

Just some thoughts and questions swimming around in this very busy mind of mine.  We can all get so wrapped up in our own little world, that we forget that He is so much bigger. 

So, next time you're out in the woods...look up.  I think you'll obtain a whole new perspective.  God is good and His blessings abound. 


"Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope:  Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:21-23