Let Your Light Shine

Do you remember as a child singing the song, This Little Light of Mine?  I sure do.  Matter-of-fact, I swear I can almost hear little voices in the background as I think back to those past Sunday School days.  Mrs. Ora Douglas had each of us squirming children hold up our little finger to represent our light; some of ours still sticky from our cookies and milk.  Precious thought, isn't it?

Hide it under a bushel, NO!  I'm gonna let it shine.

What does that really mean?  Who hides a candle under a bushel?  A bushel of what?  Wouldn't it set the bushel of whatever on fire?  Would that be a bad thing?  Because, if you set the bushel on fire, wouldn't there be an even bigger glow?

Don't let Satan whhh! (blow) it out. I'm gonna let it shine.

How does he blow it out?  Our light, I mean.  Once God puts it in us, doesn't it stay lit kind of like an eternal flame?  Yes, but sometimes we allow stuff to cover up the light.  Things like unforgiveness or anger.  We hold on to too much baggage and it eventually blocks the glow from our souls.  People end up seeing the junk in our lives and not enough flame.

Let it shine til Jesus comes.  I'm gonna let it shine.

Is He coming?  Yes!  The Bible tells us so.  It says His coming will be like a "thief in the night."  He will come when we least expect it.  Those who are shining their light when He comes, will be ready for His arrival.  So we definitely want to shine.

Shine all over _______ (insert your town name here).  I'm gonna let it shine.

So how are you shining these days?  If a candle burns in the daylight, it doesn't have much affect.  But, if that same candle burns in the dead of night, and after time more candles are added to it, imagine how it will illuminate the room.

Today in our world, it may seem a little dark.  Things may be happening around us to cause doubt in God's goodness.  Yet, if we shine our candle just as the song says, can you imagine the affect we can have on others?

That's my challenge to you this week.  Go light your world.  Let others see the glow that God has placed in you.  And...be sure and hold your little finger up.  Let your light shine!




  1. This goes perfectly with your post about a candle that shines more brightly in the darkness. My daily prayer is that I reflect the light of Jesus into the darkness all around me.

  2. Yes, it was definitely connected to that post. I, like you, want to radiate Christ wherever I go. May it be so! :) God bless you,friend.


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