Praying for the Election

Good morning, cyber friends. Tomorrow is election day...finally!  Mud has been slung from coast to coast.  Candidates, by and large, have made promises they don't intend to keep, and take pride in the amount of twisted hypocrisy they can air on prime time television.

I know the majority is growing weary of all the commercials, phone calls and mounds of political fliers - I certainly am, but we do have a duty as Christ-followers to stand for what is right and vote as near to the commandments of God's Word, that is humanly possible.

So, in light of this huge election eve, please prayerfully consider the political and personal views of both Presidential candidates and line them up with God's Word.  We are at a crossroads in this nation, and some of the major issues including abortion, same-sex marriage, religious liberties, the Second Amendment (Right to bear arms), wasteful Government spending, and foreign policy could have lasting repercussions on future generations.

  • Pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of those voting (including yourself), to vote not according to what may or may not benefit them personally, but that of God's will, and what will sustain this nation long term.

  • Pray that any illegal or unethical methods of voting or harassment will be found out and brought to light, with swift consequences ensuing.

  • Pray that Christians will not waffle, but will be steadfast in their faith and convictions, and vote accordingly.

  • Pray that those waiting in lines to vote will be respectful of others and acknowledge that voting is a privilege, not a right.

Remember, friends, no matter the outcome - good or bad, God is still sovereign and amazingly still seated on His heavenly throne.  We can take great comfort knowing that He is with us and will sustain us in times of trial and triumph.

God bless America!



  1. The election result is a sad commentary on the morality and character of the American people, and the direction of this country. My prayer going forward is that in future elections, God raises up leaders at every level who share His heart, His morality, His character, His principles, and His vision for our nation.

    And that God, in his love and mercy, relentlessly pursues unbelievers across this country, draws them to Jesus, and grants them the faith to believe....and in doing so, changes their hearts with a conviction to support those candidates who reflect God in their values.

  2. Thank you, Matty, for your thoughts and I am in wholehearted agreement. May we all hit our knees in prayer for this nation and its leaders.


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