Contest and Book Give Away!

While the weather outside is frightful (not really, but it sounds good) and the Christmas lights are twinkling on the tree, I thought I might do a little contest and book give away!

This is my police tree, by the way.  It is equipped with red, white and blue lights, patches from different departments, donut ornaments, etc.

I'd like to hear from you for a change.  Post a comment and tell me how you share the love of Jesus to others during the holidays, and you might win a copy of my book Standing Courageous and a pack of my hand-designed cards.  Woo hoo!!  I can tell you're excited! :)

Deadline is Thursday, December 13th.  Then I'll post who the winner is on Friday when I come up with a new blog.

Soooo, get those comments rolling.  I want send these out to one, sweet, Jesus-sharing friend.  

God bless!

P.S.  If you want to know what this book is about, hit the "books" tab on this site and check it out.  Also, I just published a brand, spanking new Bible study for women.  It would be a great start to a new year.  Just saying.


  1. Thanks Kristi for this great give away! I have your book, "Lives Behind the Badge," as 3 of my 5 sons are LEO's. One is a deputy sheriff, one is a city police officer, and the youngest of the three is a chief of police and was just elected as a sheriff, so you can imagine how I loved the book I already have. I didn't realize you have written more books and cards too... wow!
    In the past two weeks my grandmother and brother have passed away and while not exactly sharing Jesus during the holiday season it was an honor and privelge to share the Word with them. I also got to pray the prayer with my brother redicating his life to Jesus. I also try to be as involved as possible with our church outreach ministries, and I also pray daily for those who have prayer requests they share. I am a pretty shy person but when I see someone struggling or suffering I try to share the promises God has given us.
    P.S. I Love your Police Christmas tree... what a great idea :
    J Dixon

  2. This year in my home I am teaching my children to focus on Christ during this season. One way that we are doing that is by "adopting" a wing in our local nursing home. We have made lots and lots of decorations to hang in the wing when we visit on Friday. We have focused on serving those that normally serve us (mailman, trash man, etc) and those that have less then we do.

  3. We try to teach our children the love of Jesus and try to impress on them the importance of passing it along to others. We bake cookies for our local officers, we donate items, and we also try to do White Christmas or the Salvation Armys Christmas Child. We have a nativity and you open one box piece at a time and discuss the person you have opened. Bought at the Christian Book Store a few years ago but we love it!


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