The Night the Angel Sang

It was Christmas time, 1999.  I was a young wife and mom having a relatively routine procedure done. was almost Christmas and I was afraid and lonely.  Not so much the possibilities of the "what could happens," just the fact I would be away from my babies at a time of the year when most folks were going to Christmas parties and family gatherings. 

The surgery, though not pleasant, went off without a hitch.  After the anesthesia wore off, family was there to talk with me and give me some much needed comfort.  Yet I knew the time would come that evening when all would grow silent - when everyone would go back home.  And, home was about an hour away; so far when you're used to spending every waking moment with the people you love.

The evening wore on...dinner came and went as did the nurses and lab techs.  The sun had set on the horizon and all was dark and cold outside.  My husband rounded everyone up and headed home.  I was alone.  The room seemed to grow smaller and more dimly lit.

The sterile conditions of the hospital mixed with my pain from the surgery and the lack of family present, assaulted my emotions.  Tears began to sting my eyes as I lay there listening to the sounds of the buzzers and beeps in the hallway.  An occasional nurse would peek her head in to check on my vitals and make sure I was comfortable.

Lord, I'm so alone.  I'm tired and scared.  I just want to go home.

Then out of my sight, but not out of earshot, I heard it.  A woman's voice pierced the hospital hallway:

Silent Night, Holy Night
All is calm, all is bright...

My thoughts immediately turned inward as my tears stopped flowing.  Is it an angel?  Am I hallucinating?  Well, whatever and whoever she is, thank you, God! I silently whispered. He had heard my heart cry as the loneliness overwhelmed me.    

Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.
Sleep in Heavenly peace!
Sleep in Heavenly peace.

Slowly, my eyes began to close.  I suddenly felt the warmth and love of my Heavenly Father; of One so much Prince of Peace!  He was telling me, It's okay.  Go to sleep.  I'm right here beside you.

That, my friends, was a night I'll never forget.  A night the angel sang.

Today, I pray that the God of all comfort is comforting you and providing peace in your times of loneliness and pain. 

Do you have a story to share when God comforted you?  If so, let's hear it!  You never know when it's going to bless someone else.

Praying for peace in a not-so-peaceful world,