Exciting New Video for Badge of Hope Ministries!

Do you ever have one of those God moments when things are either unexplainable or too awesome to have ever been orchestrated by you?  Well, that is exactly what has recently happened to me (and Rick) with Badge of Hope Ministries.

A week or so ago, I was perusing through Facebook postings, when I noticed a shout out for five people to sign up to receive a professional book/ministry trailer...get this...for FREE!

Of course, I zeroed in on that one real quick.  Women were snapping 'em up right and left, but there was one open spot left.  Could it be that this was an answer to my prayers?

In a matter of minutes, I was chosen!  The journey to a perfect video was just beginning, but more importantly, the opportunity to not only showcase what God is doing in our ministry, but help out a (now) new friend, Evonne Mandella, in her quest to build a clientele.  Win, win!

I filled out the form and sent Evonne numerous pictures, my website address, and what I wanted the video to say.  She did the rest by adding music, strategically placing the most thought provoking pictures in all the right places, and adding the scripture and wording that God had lain on my heart.  Voila!  In just a matter of days, the video was complete and may I say, absolute stunning!

It was as if I got a big ole God slap right on my forehead.  THIS was exactly what the ministry was needing.  THIS was above and beyond what I could have ever imagined, and only He could have orchestrated it.  It seemed as if Evonne felt the passions of my heart and bundled them all up in one amazing video.

So...with that, I just want to share this incredible piece of work.  Thank you, Evonne!  Your talents are many.  Thank you Christian Women Affiliate and Heather Randall for the awesome opportunity.  You ladies rock!

And...for those of you who may need a video, I would highly, highly recommend Ms. Evonne Mandella at http://christianwomenaffiliate.com/page/promotional-videos-and-book-trailers. :)