A Once Upon a Time Story with a Twist

Twenty-five years ago today, my husband and I spoke our "I do's" before God, friends and family.  It wasn't exactly a fairy tell wedding with flowers galore, candles and more, but it was a celebration of two people committing to love, honor and cherish one another from that day forward.

Screech!!! (Insert wicked sound of a record player needle scratching across a 45)

Life was not at all like we planned!  There were bills to miraculously pay with close to nothing to pay them with, car radiator leaks, infestations of black crickets in our basement stairwell, and family members too close for comfort.

The first several years were an adjustment to one another - me adjusting to his stubborn nature, love of police scanners and anything flashing or burning; him adjusting to my mood swings, fetish for shoes and endless talking.

Not long and we had a baby, then two.  Life was crazy with a mixture of police life added.  A disaster waiting to happen?  Yes!  We were about as opposite as night and day.  He became quiet, suspicious of everyone and stressed.  I became irrational, agitated and depressed.  God was, well, not important.  That is until....


Yes, you read it right.  We had come to the end of ourselves.  Completely spinning off into different circles.  Our once perfect little relationship was now one big chaotic mess. Decision time had come. It was now or never.  We'd either get our priorities straight and make this marriage work, or we would throw in the towel and become just another statistic with baggage and bruised egos.  What was it going to be?

Slowly (actually at a snail's pace) we began turning a corner.  Figuring out that God was the missing ingredient was as if a light bulb sputtered and blinked wildly over our heads.  He became a little more loving and attentive, and I realized he really was the same guy I had swooned over a few years before.

A foundation was poured, and we called Him Jesus.  He gave us the love we didn't have, the kindness we couldn't offer, the patience we were severely lacking, and the humbleness to admit our faults.  It wasn't long and our marriage had blossomed, even adding another little branch - our third child.   

Onward ho.  Marriage was becoming a good thing, a place of safety and warmth; a loving retreat and long-lasting friendship.  God had become the glue holding us together even through new storms that passed frighteningly close to our lives. 

Looking back now, I see time wasted.  Time spent fussing and fighting when we could have been moving forward.  Yet, I know the struggle was part of the journey.  It strengthened our resolve, broadened our view, and, well...created memories with a twist.  So with that I leave you this verse:

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

Love you, Rick Neace!  How about another 25?



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