Beyond the Blue - A Story of Faith and Forgiveness

It's coming!  My first fiction book will be available this fall and I am getting excited!  Here's an excerpt from the first chapter.  Let me know your thoughts.

She lay there in a curled heap, blankets tangled around her body; hair wet with tears and matted to her face.  The room was dark and the house silent now as she tried to come to grips with the emptiness that encompassed her.  No one could possibly understand her pain, though many with good intentions had tried their best. 
Suddenly the phone rang; her mother on the other end of the receiver.  “Jaralyn…I just wanted to let you know that Tyler finally fell asleep.  Is there anything I can do?  Can I bring you something to eat?” “No, momma.  I’m fine.” 
After a brief attempt at conversation, Jaralyn sat up and brushed her wild mane out of her eyes.  She fiddled around on the nightstand by her bed for what seemed like eternity, trying to find her glasses.  With the blinds drawn, the room seemed to take on a morbid aura; sadness and gloom blanketed her like a lead weight.  Weakly pulling herself together, she headed down the stairs and towards the kitchen.  A strong cup of coffee might do the trick to snap her back into reality.
It had been four weeks since Ted’s funeral, but Jari, as her friends called her, was still in a daze and hardly able to force herself to feel any sense of normalcy.  She and Ted had been inseparable since the day she literally bumped into him in front of Crazy J’s convenience store, and she’d never allowed herself to believe something so terrible, so raw could separate them forever.
Thumbing through the previous day’s mail, she pulled out a few sympathy cards from total strangers.  They came from places she had never even heard of, but somehow the senders felt a connection…enough to pen her a card, anyway.  How can they possibly understand what I’m going through? she thought as she carefully read each one.  But like every other line-of-duty death, thousands felt the loss of this brother in blue, for when one falls they all feel the pain.
Ted had been a Corporal with the Billington Police Department for over fifteen years.  He was one of those laid back, easy going types with flashing blue eyes and a devilish smile.  What attracted her to him the most was his quick wit and supernatural ability to love those who were completely unlovable. 
Would he still be that loving towards that…that beast that executed him at point blank range?!  Jari felt the hatred welling up inside her soul.  Everything within her ached.  All she wanted to do was run and hide under the coverings of her bed again.  It would not go away – the pain, the nightmares, and the emptiness.  All she felt inside was the hatred of a person she’d never met.  He had stolen her husband, her little boy’s father, and her dreams of a happy life.  

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