Divine Appointment - An Answer to Prayer

Before every trip we make, I always pray that God will give us a divine appointment....and, for the most part, I am never disappointed.

On our way back from the Indiana conference a couple of weeks ago, we were just about an hour on the road when we began to see a pillar of smoke swirling from the side of the highway.  "I was thinking it was a tornado or something," said Rick later, for the sky was grey and stormy looking and rain pelted our car.

Drawing closer, we saw a vehicle rolled over on its side and fully engulfed in flames.  Immediately, my husband jumped into cop mode as he instructed me to call 911.  Two other vehicles were already pulled over to the side as we pulled in behind them to see what could be done.

Thankfully, the men in the first two cars had been able to stop and pull the woman and her dog to safety.  She had hydroplaned on a wet and rain-slicked highway, losing control and rolling the truck.  I thought it ironic as I read one of the men's t-shirts which headlined Lincoln Brewster.  For those of you unfamiliar with Christian music, Lincoln Brewster is a well-known Christian band.  "Aha!" I thought to myself.  "Another Christian, God used to turn this terrible situation into good."

As an Indiana Trooper approached us and the other two cars, Rick was able to introduce himself and talk with the officer a little, then said to him, "Don't leave until I give you something."  With a quick chuckle, the Trooper retorted, "I'm not going anywhere for a while."  Rick quickly walked back to the trunk of our car and dug out one of my books.  He inserted his business card then left the book in the Trooper's car, never expecting anything further.

Several days later on a very busy day, Rick checked his voice mail that evening at the end of shift.  A message caught his attention.  It was the Indiana Trooper tearfully thanking us for stopping and for the book.  Choking up, he told my husband how he had buried five officers since being in law enforcement.  Listening to the message, I could tell the man was still struggling with the frustrations and hurt these losses had caused him.

I believe this simple divine appointment was God's way of shining His love down on this hurting officer on a rainy October morning.  I'm sure it never crossed his mind that a typical rainy day call would wind up being a blessing in disguise.

So how is God using you today?  Have you prayed for a divine appointment?  I promise if you pray, He will deliver.  Just keep your eyes open and your heart in tune with His promptings.  You will be blessed, but also will be the earthly deliverer of a divine gift for another sojourner.

Two eyes looking out,


  1. I have had my share of divine appointments. Some I recognized and acted. Some I recognized and failed. Others I missed and later realized after it was too late.

    But I love your words of prayer for open eyes and a heart that is in tune with Him.

  2. Thanks! There's been plenty of "appointments" I've missed as well. I guess it's a good thing there's grace. ;)



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