Finding God in a Painting

I usually try to post things that are somewhat police related, but today I want to share with you another passion of mine that is completely off subject....ART!

I love art.  Actually, I went to college to be an art teacher, but then God had different plans and re-routed me a completely different direction.  However, there are those small windows of time when He graces me with an opportunity to dig out the paint brushes and do something creative.  Those are some of my secretly treasured moments...those God gifts that I love. :)

Several months ago, our youth pastor discovered that I have an artistic side.  His vision was to paint the youth room in murals representing their "Aliens" theme (Actively Live, Influence Effectively, Never Surrender).

I went to work praying and sketching, Internet surfing and going back to the drawing board with ideas, until this one came into being. 

It just fit, and the minute I showed him it was a resounding, "Yes!! It's as if you got inside my head!"  So, as they say, "That was all she wrote."  It became my pet project over the next period of weeks.

What is the meaning to each of the pictures?  Glad you asked!  The top is the world.  Most people are coming and going enjoying everyday life without a care or thought to the unseen things that are happening around us.  All the while, people are hurting and struggling with lust, jealousy, hatred, despair, regret, pride, etc. and a great number are procrastinating their acceptance of the Lord Jesus until it is too late.

The clock represents time.  The time is at!  We mustn't put off our surrender.  Hell is a real place with an eternal consequence.  Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."

Jesus is the answer.  He's the reason I live and breathe, do ministry! :) did the finished project turn out?  I think pretty well.  See for yourself, and be reminded that there's still time.  Make God a priority in your life today.  You'll be glad you did!