I'm Just a Mom Who Raises Heroes

To all the moms far and wide who have ever loved a child:

I'd never describe myself as anything special, other than what God has made me.  But one thing I could add to a resume or a list of accomplishment is something like, "Mom to Heroes," or "Mother to the Greatest Blessings on Earth."

Yeah, if you ask me, I have pictures on my phone, on my Facebook page and hanging on my walls at home.  I have stacks and stacks of photo albums with chubby faces and impish grins staring back at me.  I have memories to fill the Empire State Building and back down again.

These are my kids...my world....my heroes.

I remember with each pregnancy I would wonder what they would choose to be when they were grown, who they would love, or if they would follow Jesus.  I prayed for them and still do, every...single...day.

I've walked dark hallways at night to make sure they got home safe or if their fever had broke.  I've driven countless miles to and from ballgames, dance recitals, cheerleading practices, and after school jobs.

I've sewn up holes in blue jeans more times than I can count, carved pumpkins, created Valentine's boxes ad nauseum, read pages and pages of required books, cleaned up oil-based lipstick from tiny divas, and hosted birthday parties with all the excitement of Chuck-E-Cheese.

I've cheered them on when they needed that extra boost of encouragement, but I've also been the hand of wrath when they dared to cross that line.  I assure you that my children are shaking in their shoes even now thinking about my punishments! Wink.

I've marched kiddos back into Walmart after discovering a hidden sucker or stick of gum.  I've gave that "I don't think so" look when a dress was too short or a couple too handsy.

I've nursed bee stings, mosquito bites and bodies riddled with chicken pox.  I've cried and prayed in the waiting room of a hospital during surgery and fretted over a "lost" child displaying his independence at a Disney theme park.  I've put together countless Easter baskets, Christmas stockings and Tooth Fairy loot.

I've taught all three how to drive, and waited for good news from the stern looking test administrator.  I've also shaken my head at car damage from an inexperienced teen driver and his "go" instead of "brake" foot.

With all I've been privileged to do for these precious ones, it is these in whom I marvel at.  Through all the struggles, hurdles and many frustrations, they are the ones who deserve the applause and hoopla, for they have morphed from snot-nosed, whiny, tiny munching machines, to who they are now -  a police officer...a missionary in training...and a beautiful bride to be.

These are my babies all grown up.  They've made it.  They've survived time under mom's watch and have now begun their own. I guess I didn't mess up that badly after all. 

On second thought, I am special.  I'm a mom who raises heroes....and so are you!  :)

Happy Mom's Day!!