What is a Mom?

"Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you." Luke 11:27b

May is a time we celebrate moms.  I’m not sure why or how they came up with just one day.  If it were up to me, the world would celebrate moms every day.  Why, you ask?  Well...a mom is a special kind of person, you see.

From the moment she realizes life growing in her womb...or the day she receives the call for a child ready to be adopted, this woman’s heart begins beating unconditional love for the new little person who will soon be nestled in her arms.

Her life will now completely revolve around the one God has entrusted her with....at least for 18 years or so.

She will be ready at a moment’s notice to cross raging rivers, climb towering mountains or stare down the most vicious of all predators...those who would bring harm to her babies, all in the name of sacrifice.

A mother is like no other.  She will work late into the night on Halloween costumes, Valentine boxes or birthday invitations, getting little to no sleep for the next day’s do-over.

Her hands will sew a thousand stitches into the knees of torn jeans, or somehow make that favorite shirt wearable one more time.

She will drive countless hours to and from school, ball games, cheerleading tryouts, PTA meetings, dance class, church programs, birthday parties, last minute shopping trips, and so much more.

A mother will wash enough clothes to fill a professional sports stadium and pick up enough toys to start her own toy shop.

She will cook, prepare or put together endless snacks and meals to feed a large army twice over.

She will stand in line for hours to make sure her child gets that one special gift for Christmas, but will go to great lengths to teach that giving is more blessed than to receive.

At different times, a mother is called upon to be nurse, referee, counselor, chauffer, chef, mediator and friend.

She will bandage more boo boos than a seasoned doctor and sing more lullabies than a performer in Times Square.

A mom will have imaginary tea parties with Barbie dolls, build the most incredible forts out of living room chairs, and listen to countless teenaged conversations about boys and classmates and cars.

A mom will cry many tears.  God gave her a tender heart so she could feel and relate and love just as He does.

Her knees will be worn and her joints will ache as she kneels down once again on behalf of a wayward child.

She will sit proudly front and center at graduations and weddings, but inside sadly wish she could turn back time.

A mother will hold her grandchild in her arms with tears of joy streaming down her face, marveling at the circle of life and God’s continued blessings yet have a sense of nostalgia about her own.

Though a mom’s role may change in title, she’s still a mom at heart.  

She looks forward to those endless bedtime stories, and the yellow dandelions picked just for her by those chubby hands.  

Sloppy messes in the kitchen are a sign of memories being made, and toys scattered about the floor remind her that time is short.

So here’s to moms and grand moms everywhere.  May each and every day be specially filled with those God moments that let you know how blessed you are.   

And, on that one particular day set aside for lovelies like you, may you be pampered and spoiled, but more importantly shown how valuable you really are.  

Happy Mother’s Day!