Message From Heaven

Have you ever struggled with a major decision, a fear, or have possibly worried over something completely out of your control?

Well, the last couple of weeks has been a season of struggle for me, and with that season, I've fought many emotions surrounding the next chapter of where God would have me.

Thursday of last week, it had been a particularly stressful day.  My mind would not rest and I was frustrated at not being the one in control (I'm a control freak by nature).

Rick had just gotten home from a week of training, and we decided to take a walk so I could clear my head and he could find some peace from my constant fretting. Lol.

As we rounded a cul-de-sac, I pleaded with God in my thoughts.  "Please just send me a miracle.  I need something tangible to know that you are even hearing me."

We walked a little further, then something caught my eye on the left-hand side of the road near some brush.  Walking over, I peered down at what seemed to be a scrap of paper.  I could make out words on it, but because my eyes are not the best, I stooped down and picked it up.  It read:

Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but I know a message from God when I see one.  He was reassuring me that yes, He hears, and knows exactly how He will answer.  Does it relieve me of my worry?  Not really...I'm human, but it does help me remember from where my help truly comes.

Just thought I'd share.  Perhaps you needed to hear this message today.  Stay the course, friend.  He's got this.

P.S.  Keep your eyes on the brush. :)