Just Following Jesus!

How are you with early morning traffic? Lol.

This morning, I was on my way to work. Had a million thoughts running through my mind - some worshipful, others focused on mundane "to-do" lists, and still others wrapped up in frustrations, hurts, and longings.

I was just coming into the town I work when the car ahead of me slowed down to a snail's pace.

"Are you serious?! What are you moving so slow for?"

Confessing my crime, I rode this poor girl's bumper as my exasperation continued to rise, until I noticed she had a sticker in her back window...

I chuckled to myself. It was just like Him to interrupt my morning and remind me that often I do the very same thing to Him. I ride His bumper, so to speak, about all the things He has not done in my life.

Often I want to whip out around Him...to move ahead...pass Him up.

"Why are you going so slow?!"

"C'mon, God! Let's get this thing moving!!"

Instead, I should be content to follow behind and wait for the right time when He says, "Go! Now's the time."

Soooo, this morning as I finished the last few miles of my everyday commute, for those few minutes, I simply decided to...

Follow Jesus!