What Do You Fear and Why?

What is it that you fear?

I don't know of anyone who doesn't fear something. It's a natural response to unknown (or known) circumstances, yet God tells us many times in His Word to "Fear not".

So why do we still do it? Why not just flip off the light, roll over and be at peace with the world? Two words come into mind...Trust and Control.

When we doubt God's goodness, His provisions, His protection, His deliverance, etc., it is often driven by a lack of trust, but it also houses a feeling of lack of control. When we are calling the shots, making the plays, and manipulating the outcomes, we are the one in the driver's seat.

With God, He calls us to put our entire trust in Him, but also to let go and let Him be in charge.

Though it is not easy, when we can come to that understanding, our fear can be covered over with a blanket of praise and peace regardless of our circumstances.

Today, ask God to help you hand over whatever it is that is robbing you of your tranquility of mind. If He is in the driver's seat, how can it be anything less than good?!

Blessings friend!