Life Can Change on a Dime. What Type of Legacy are You Leaving?

Good morning friends. Life can change on a dime.

Heard this morning of a very unexpected death of someone whose life impacted many. People are now left devastated...hurt...lost.

Two things:

1. What legacy are you leaving for others? How profound an impact will you leave because of the testimony you are living out today?

2. Are you preparing those you love to have that anchor to hold onto when you are gone? Do YOU have that anchor?

We can never fully prepare for sudden and tragic loss. Death is not easy, appealing or welcomed.

However, the beauty for a true believer is that when we die, we are automatically in the presence of the Savior, and for our loved ones, if they are true believers, we WILL be reunited. What a promise!

So...if you are reading this, then God still has work for you to do. Why not make it impactful for the Kingdom? Someone will thank you for it later.