Trusting God.


Good morning, friends.

Life is hard, isn't it? So many things can weigh on our hearts and minds, and for me, this week has been exceptionally taxing. But through it all, I have come to this conclusion once again...God is good. He is for us. His plans are higher. Prayer is powerful.


Our son who is a police officer, was working nights Sunday evening. On his 9th traffic stop for the night, things went drastically wrong.

The man and woman in the stop made up their minds that they were above the law and would resist. Both took swings at our boy and the man grabbed for our son's service weapon.

Thankfully, God had a different plan. He had awaken me many times that night and because sleep eluded me, I prayed. Some of my prayers revolved around our son. I believe it was God's divine grace and protection coupled with the intercessory for my child, that kept him from being harmed that night, and giving him the strength to fight.

Hearing stories like this is hard. We try and protect our babies, even after they are grown.

We want what is best for them. We mouth innumerable prayers on their behalf....cry buckets of tears without them knowing. But we still must leave them in the Father's hands for He knows what is best. They don't truly belong to us anyway, do they?

This morning, after having such a heavy heart all night for my child, God placed a rainbow in the western sky as if to say, "Trust me. I promise, I'll never leave you nor him!"

I guess it's time to dust myself off and straighten my armor. He's got this...