Will You Follow God Through the Pain?

There's a song out right now, which I have claimed as my theme-song. It's by MercyMe and called, "Even If".

The gist of the song is that God is able to take away the trials and pain in our lives, but what if He doesn't? What if He asks you to walk through the fire with no relief? Will you still follow? Will you still put your hope in Him? Or, is your love, service and devotion conditional?

There are some preachers out there...some well-meaning Christians who will tell you that God doesn't give you more than you can handle; that God will not let you suffer more than you can bear. It's a great sentiment, but so untrue.

That doesn't mean God is bad or evil or even out to get us. It means that His will is not always neatly packaged. It doesn't always have a happy ending. You may be called to suffer. You may be called to walk a hard road. BUT...He is there right beside you. Never doubt that.

Hugs to you friends. He is working all things out for your good.